Ardnahein Care offers 30 well appointed private bedrooms, with a choice of living/social spaces over three floors.

Residents are welcome and encouraged to bring pictures, books, artefacts and other items to feel at home, which staff can help arrange in private bedrooms. Music carries many memories and meanings for each of us and residents are welcome to bring recordings of their favourites to play in the privacy of their rooms.

Private bedrooms and social areas are refreshed daily by the Housekeeping Team, around the wishes and routines of their occupants.

Ardnahein Care observes a strict ‘no-smoking’ policy in accordance with health and safety and fire regulations.


Dining at Ardnahein Care is enjoyed in a number of private dining areas or in guests’ private sitting rooms according to individual choice.

Nutritious food plays a big part in keeping elderly and vulnerable people in good health. Menus are planned over a four week period, with dishes either observed by attentive staff, or requested by residents as favourites, being served more frequently, so menu planning is highly responsive to changing resident’s needs. Off menu choices of salads and sandwiches for example are available as alternatives for residents who choose them over the daily selection of main dishes.

Our Kitchen Staff also have a selection of fresh soups and home baking available daily.

Residents are encouraged to invite their friends and family for lunch or dinner as they usually would at home.

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    Ardnahein Care is dedicated to providing pleasant, enjoyable and varied entertainment which is, of course, optional for residents and their families to enjoy.

    Regulars include live performances of Scottish music; singalongs of old favourites; arts and crafts; baking, knitting, gardening, singing, karaoke, and various adaptations of games including indoor and lawn bowls, table tennis, snooker and croquet.

    Ardnahein Care guests have the opportunity for regular evenings out at musical events, live singing, line dancing and a host of entertainment at one of the most popular hotels in Dunoon, Park Hotel, which is directly across from Ardnahein Care. Our guests are always welcome at the Park and Ardnahein Care staff are happy to escort them the few yards over the road in wheelchairs or using walking aids, and escort them home when they wish.

    Transport and staff escorts are available for guests who wish to attend religious services, local interests and events such as Senior Citizens club, go shopping or visiting places of interest.

    Green-fingered and novice gardener residents can grow plants from seeds, and plant them out in raised beds in the easy access, wheelchair and walker friendly sensory garden with as much or as little staff support as they wish. Ardnahein Care’s gardens provide plenty of sun and shade for our guests to sit in and enjoy the view, have tea parties and barbecues and enjoy adapted garden games including croquet and bowls.

    Our safe, enclosed sensory garden designed in accordance with Stirling University’s dementia care principles, allows guests in even the most advanced stages of dementia to enjoy the health and personal well-being of being in the fresh air.


    Ardnahein Care provides permanent, respite, step-up and step-down care.


    In addition to the choice of smaller lounges in each area, Ardnahein Care has a spacious social room with panoramic views of the Clyde, used by guests and their families for celebrations, entertainments and get-togethers. A varied programme of entertainment is planned around guests’ interests. This lounge had a recent refurb in May 2018 as part of our ongoing refurbishment plan.

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