“My (relative) is happy and contented at Ardnahein and is very complimentary about the level of care. Staff are aware of his needs. Staff are always ready to assist whenever we visit and show care and appreciation of visitors.” ~ A Relative
“If an old and vulnerable person is treated with genuine respect, gentle care and kindness everything else will fall into place. I have seen this at Ardnahein.” ~ A Relative
“I am absolutely delighted with all the changes that have been made recently. They have upgraded virtually everything and their care is second to none. They have given my (relative) years that I never thought she would have. The staff are excellent, very friendly and very caring and extremely professional.” ~ A Relative
“My (relative) chose Ardnahein as her care home from past experience of visiting friends there. I believe her judgement was sound based on my observation and experience of the staff attentiveness and caring behaviour.” ~ A Relative
“The home has set up a tailor made environment for my (relative) that addresses her lack of mobility and frailness. Her identity as a person is maintained and individual needs catered for.” ~ A Relative
“Staff do everything they can to enrich (relative's) life. Staff know him and what he likes and wants. They respect him and care about him. Everything's perfect.” ~ A Relative
“100% happy at Ardnahein - no problems.” ~ A Resident
“Staff look after me well and are very caring - I have every confidence in them.” ~ A Resident
“I'm very happy with the care provided - I'm very happy here.” ~ A Resident
“(Relative) hasn't just gained extra time by being here - it's quality time.” ~ A Relative
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